Invited Talks and Presentations

Margaret Meixner (USRA/SOFIA)


Dariusz Lis (JPL)

Solar System Science: Recent Highlights from SOFIA and ALMA

Zoie Telkamp (University of Virginia)

The SOMA Survey — Probing Massive Star Formation Across Galactic Environments

Ramsey Karim (UMD)

The Pillars of Creation in CII

Michael Grudic (Carnegie Observatories)

The Dynamics and Outcome of Star Formation with Jets, Winds, Radiation, and Supernovae in Concert

Nicola Schneider (University of Bordeaux)

The ISM of Galaxies

Maitraiyee Tiwari (UMD)

Understanding the Effects of Stellar FEEDBACK in RCW 49 using Observations and Models

Lars Bonne (SOFIA/USRA

The Impact of Stellar Feedback in the Vela C Molecular Cloud

Cornelia Pabst (Leiden)

To Bubble or not to Bubble: Stellar Feedback in Orion and 30 Doradus

Jonathan Tan (Chalmers Univ. & Univ. of Virginia)

Open Questions in Massive Star Formation

Jaeyeon Kim (Heidelberg University)

From Cloud Assembly to Embedded Stars and HII Regions

Mathew Orr (Rutgers)

Bursting Bubbles: Feedback from Clustered SNe and the Trade-off Between Turbulence and Outflows

Daniela Calzetti (UMASS)

Linking Dust Attenuation to Dust Emission

David Neufeld (Johns Hopkins University)

Probing Diffuse and Translucent Clouds with Interstellar Hydrides

Paul Goldsmith (JPL)

FIR Fine Structure Line Observations

Arshia Jacob (JHU)

HyGAL: Characterizing the Galactic ISM with Observations of Hydrides and other Small Molecules — First Results

Susan Clark (Stanford)

Susan Clark (Stanford) The Diffuse and Translucent Interstellar Medium

Yuguang Chen (UCD)

Accurate Chemical Abundance Measurements from SOFIA and KCWI

Eric Becklin


Ted Bergin (Michigan)

The Evolving ALMA Perspective on the Chemistry and Physics of Planet-Forming Disks

Jialu Li (UMD)

High-Resolution Mid-IR Spectroscopy towards the Massive Young Stellar Binary W3 IRS 5

Adwin Boogert (IRTF/IFA)

A High Resolution Infrared Spectroscopic Survey of the Inner Regions of Massive Young Stellar Objects

Valentin Le Gouellec (SOFIA/USRA)

Constraining the Dust Grain Alignment Mechanism(s) Responsible for the (Sub-)millimeter Dust Polarization Observed in Class 0 Protostellar Cores

Nienke van der Marel (Leiden University)

The impact and origin of dust gaps in planet-forming disks

Nick Indriolo (STSci)

A Multi-Wavelength Perspective of the Massive Protostar AFGL 2136 IRS 1

Thushara Pillai (Boston Univeristy)

The Role of B-Fields in Star Formation

Shuo Kong (U Arizona)

Dense Gas Formation via Collision-induced Magnetic Reconnection

Alejandro Borlaff (NASA Ames)

The Multiphase Spiral Magnetic Field of M51

Enrique Lopez Rodriguez (KIPAC/Stanford)

Extragalactic Magnetism with SOFIA: First Results of the Legacy Program

Dariusz Lis (JPL)

Magnetic Field Geometry and Gas Kinematics in NGC2024

Dennis Lee (NWU)

SOFIA/HAWC+ Polarimetry in L1688: Relative Orientation of Magnetic Field and Elongated Cloud Structure

Dylan Paré (U Iowa)

Exploring the Galactic Center Magnetic Field at High Spatial Resolutions at Both Radio and Infrared Wavelengths

Raghvendra Sahai (JPL)

The Extraordinary Deaths of Ordinary Stars: Binarity and the AGB-to-PN Transformation

Jeremy Chastenet (Gent University)

Dust Properties in the Crab Nebula: Constraints from Infrared Emission Polarisation

Mark Siebert (UVA)

Searching for Diamotic Hydrides in the Winds of Evolved Stars

B-G Andersson (SOFIA/USRA)

Polarization in the Envelopes of IRC+10216 and IK Tau — From Optical to Sub-mm

Jessica Sutter (USRA/SOFIA)

Environmental Dependence of [CII] Emission in Ringed Galaxy NGC 7331

Vicente Villanueva (UMD)

The Effect of the Virgo Environment on the Molecular Gas and Star Formation Efficiency in VERTICO Galaxies

Laura Lenkic (USRA/SOFIA)

CO Excitation and Turbulence in High-z Main Sequence Analogues

Fiorella Polles (USRA/SOFIA)

The Electron Density Distribution in the Low-Metallicity Environment of IC10

Molly Finn (UVA)

Physical Conditions in the LMC’s Quiescent Molecular Ridge

Adam Leroy (OSU)

Infrared opportunities in the era of cloud-scale CO, IFU-based metallicity maps, and hyper-detailed HI surveys

Elizabeth Tarantino (UMD)

Modeling Ionized Gas at Low Metallicities: The Wolf-Rayet Emission Nebula N76

Jens Kauffmann (MIT)

LEGO: Galaxy Ecosystems from Wide-Field Line Mapping at Millimeter Waves

Margaret Meixner (SOFIA/USRA)

SOFIA Roadmap

Anthony Remijan (NRAO)

ALMA 2030

Bernhard Schulz (DSI, Univ. Stuttgart)

German/European Instrument Effort

Flash Talks

Steven Goldman (SOFIA/USRA)

SOFIA and HST Multi-wavelength study 
of the Symbiotic Mira HM Sge

Ümit Kavak (SOFIA/USRA)

Breaking Orion's Veil with fossil outflows

Marc Pound (UMD)

The PhotoDissociation Region Toolbox

Skarleth M. Motiño Flores (SOFIA/USRA)

Definition and Characterization of Local Analogs to High-z Galaxies

Tatiana M. Rodríguez (NMT)

Searching for Jet Tracers in High-Mass Star-Forming Regions

Blake Drechsler (UV)

Massive Star Clusters from Colliding Giant Molecular Clouds

Ronald H. Freeman

Cubesat-based Infrared Lunar Astronomy: Water-ice Signatures